Budget Business: Flying Scoot’s Biz Class

I’ve been lucky enough to fly business class on Qantas a few times using frequent flyer points but on a recent trip to Japan, I decided to try Scoot Airline’s Biz Class, basically because I really hate long-haul air travel!

My main reason for choosing them was the price. Holy crap, is it cheap!
Business class from Singapore to Tokyo return was only AU$1000. In comparison, flying Delta or JAL on the same leg would set you back around AU$2700.

Now don’t get your hopes up. You’re not getting the latest flatbed, fancy business class. There is a trade-off. You’ll be getting the business class of 10 years ago. But you still get the two main reasons most people want biz class, leg room and seat width.

I did a bit of research online to see what the catch was. There were the usual complaints of delays, lost luggage and terrible food but also a number of positive posts as well. I decided to take the risk and give them a try.

I ended up booking Biz class flights from Perth to Singapore return as well and scored these for around $AU380 each way. I noticed they also have a bidding system if you book economy and they have Biz class seats available close to the departure date, you can bid to get those seats and obviously whoever is willing to pay the most, gets the seat. I ended up doing 6 flights in Scoot Biz and not once was their business class filled up, so bidding would definitely be a good option.

Breezing through the Biz class boarding line at Perth airport, I stepped onto a bright and spacious plane. All of Scoot’s planes are brand new Dreamliners, no hand-me-downs here!
There’s music playing and coloured lighting coats the cabin. Friendly Scootees, the name given for flight staff, welcome me aboard and I head to the pointy end like a Boss.

My Biz class seat is exactly like the business class seats of yesteryear and I wouldn’t be surprised if their refurbished from parent company, Singapore Airlines former business classes.
The seats are wide 22″ seats with plenty of legroom (a 36″ seat pitch). It’s no flatbed but does recline 6″ which is almost comfortable to nap. There’s a leg rest that pops up underneath and double armrests in between seats with room to fit a drink.
The thing that really gets my attention is the lack of window shade and I remember the Dreamliners have the new darkening glass that adjusts at the touch of a button, what a novelty!

There’s a welcome drink, a tiny cup of water, haha. You’re not supposed to bring your own food/drink on board either, but if you’re discrete it’s fine. Although I did see people in front of me eating big, boxed up Starbucks cakes in the seats in front of me and staff didn’t bat an eyelid. Scoot do have a reasonable selection that you can purchase from their menu as well.

The meals onboard were actually pretty good. Booking Biz class you automatically get a meal and drink included, but this is extra if you’re flying economy.
Granted, it’s not the silver-cutlery service you get in other airlines’ business class, but it was edible. I particularly enjoyed the satay with nasi goreng and the ham and cheese croissants. Each came with a Ritter Knusperflakes chocolate block, which after 6 meals you’re kind’ve a bit over!

All six flights left within 15 minutes of their departure time, with only one delayed for that 15 minutes due to inclement weather. All flight arrived on time or earlier than scheduled.

Entertainment was a bit of a letdown. Live streaming to devices is included in your Biz class ticket, but there are no screens on this flight, you have to bring your own and also download the Scoot TV app. I couldn’t get it to work on my tablet-notebook or phone, even after reinstalling Flash as suggested. You might have better luck with an iPhone. Scootees will give you a card with a code to use the service once in the air. They also have wifi but everyone has to pay extra for that and the MB included just wasn’t worth paying for.

I really enjoyed my experience with Scoot and would definitely use them again. I see they even do flights from Singapore to Athens or Berlin which makes it a cheap way to get comfortable seats on extra-long-haul flights!
Check them out!

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