Where To See Western Australia’s Pink Lakes

Western Australia has a number of pink lakes, caused by a combination of high salinity and salt-loving algae that create that hot pink water. Pink lakes in WA are now starting to draw tourists in from all over the world and are a must-see on any WA road trip!

Let’s take a look at some of the more well-known WA pink lakes and I’ll let you know where you can find these bubblegum pink lakes in WA!

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West Australian Wildflower Road Trip

One of the greatest wildflower displays in the world happens each year in Western Australia. A wave of northerly blooms descends from June onwards, heading south as the weather warms into spring and early summer. There are lots of different regions to explore either by tour or self-drive roadtrip.

You can find over 12,500 species of flora, 60% which are unique to Western Australia, scattered over landscapes of red dirt, rocky outcrops, tall timber forests or sandy coastal dunes.

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